Staff Portraiture

Employees are the vital cogs inside your company. Without them your machine would grind to a halt. Not too long ago, employees and staff used to be kept behind closed doors – nowadays people are proud of who they have working for them and want to show them to the world on their company brochures and websites.

Contemporary Staff Portraiture

Whilst 2007bc Photography still has a standard white backdrop for staff portraits, it is more common place to do something a little different, to show staff in their natural environments. In meetings, at desks, outside the office, in their company vans – we’re happy to photograph your staff anywhere.

Staff Portraiture staff portraiture staff portraiture

If you need photos of your staff for your website or brochure, then give 2007bc Photography a call. Our charges are worked out on an hourly basis, and for Huddersfield businesses that usually averages 10 employees per hour! – so even the largest of SME’s can have a full portfolio of staff photos within half a days shooting. Please contact us for more information.

staff portraiture staff portraiture staff portraiture