Hotel Photography

Calling all hoteliers – Commercial photography for your hotel, bed & breakfast, spa or guest house.

Your business relies on customers wanting to stay at your premises. Whether you have a small bed & breakfast or a 100 room, beach-front hotel, it is vital that your brochures and website convey your premises at it’s best.

Hotel Photography Techniques

Professional hotel photography is the only way to show prospective customers what is waiting for them when make a reservation. With experience of room-dressing techniques and lighting methods, 2007bc Photography can take photos of your rooms and premises that represent the true style and character.

Hotel_Photography (1) Hotel_Photography (2) Hotel_Photography (3)

Room-dressing is so subtle, that most people will never even notice the room has been changed. Moving furniture slightly, hiding ironing boards, tea/coffee trays and even putting down the toilet seat. There are hundreds of subtle adjustments that can be made before we take any photo. 2007bc Photography consider room-dressing to be part of the hotel photography service, and therefore is included free of charge as part of any hotel photography commission.

Amateur photography is shown when photos are taken directly at windows – the brightness and sunlight of the window causes the picture to be under-exposed, rendering the photo useless. 2007bc Photography know how to combat this, and previously unobtainable photos of your rooms can now be provided.

Website Photos

With hundreds of hotels fighting for business online, professional hotel photography is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the competition. Potential customers can always tell the difference betweena  professional photograph and a ‘point-and-shoot’ photograph.

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Although all commissions are priced individually, the permitted use of the photos remains the same. Each photo that 2007bc Photography take of your hotel can be used as you wish. Brochures, websites, leaflets, or on walls of your hotel – it is entirely up to you! We don’t restrict copyright use, and each image we supply will be at the full high quality size that it is taken from our cameras.

Brochures and Leaflets

With many years experience of hotel photography, 2007bc Photography has worked with a number of design agencies around the UK where our photos have been used to provide stunning websites, brochures and leaflets. Beign wholly independant, 2007bc Photography is not tied to working with any particular design agency (and in fact welcome the change that new clients often bring!).

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We are able to offer high quality, full resolution prints, canvasses and acrylics of your photographs, at very competitive rates. Please contact us for more information about this service.