Why Do I need Commercial Photography?

Before the advent of the image printing, advertising worked solely around words.However, in 1879 the first ‘full-page’  advert in a newspaper was published, and just a year later, in 1880, the first halftone image was printed in a newpaper.

Throughout the late 20th Century, with the progression of Digital Photography and digital printing methods, photographs are now everywhere; Newspapers, magazines, websites, leaflets, brochures, billboards. There’s an old saying that “A Picture paints a thousand words” and no truer is this than in the world of advertising.

Promotional Photos

Any business of any size in Huddersfield would benefit from Commercial Photography. From a car valeter to a car dealership, from a florist to a garden centre – if your business can be promoted by showing your prospective customers what you do then Commercial Photography will, without doubt, push your business forward.

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Based in Huddersfield, 2007bc Photography has many years experience in working with businesses of all sizes to provide Commercial Photography that fits in with marketing campaigns, leaflet or magazine designs, websites, corporate literature and even fine art prints for corridors and offices.

Stock Images

Stock image websites are a great idea, they allow design agencies to quickly put together their products for clients. In many cases images should be ‘stock’ – landscapes, cityscapes etc – they don’t need to be specific to your business. Some things should be specific :

  • Think how re-assuring it would be to know that the photos of the food on your favourite take-away menu are actually of the food that comes from their kitchen.
  • How many times have you seen staff portraits and said “I bet they don’t actually work there”.

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Commercial Photography

Take a look at our services pages to see a small selection of the types of commercial photography that 2007bc Photography can offer. Hotel Photography, Interior Photography, Automotive Photography, Product Photography and Event Photography are just some of the service on our website.

2007bc Photography can provide you with high quality commercial photography for your business, that you can use for any purpose you see fit. With pricing provided on a job-specific basis you and all quotes given with absolutely no-obligation, what have you got to loose?

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